November 6, 2015



Wednesday 6th of September
OGD ICT-diensten
Rotterdamseweg 380, 2629 HG Delft

Our sponsor OGD-ICT diensten has invited us to host our biweekly LAN at their venue! As a member, you do not need to sign up for the LAN. If you are not a member and interested in joining a LAN, feel free to drop-by and see if you like our community.


The DSEA LAN is the main recurring event of our student association. Every week we will get together to play games, be it tournament scrims or casual gaming. Even though the DSEA LAN are principally members-only, you are welcome to bring your friends to introduce them to DSEA. We try to provide specially themed nights, such as old-school gaming night, board games night and sometimes small scale tournament brackets. We would be very happy if you were willing to bring your own consoles. Please give us a heads up if you do, so we can try to arrange screens as necessary. If you have any ideas to improve your LAN experience feel free to let us know! Click here for our contact details.

Don’t forget to bring your:
Peripherals  (Mouse, mousepad, headset, etc.)
Ethernet cable
For Smash melee: Gamecube controller

See you soon!