September 7, 2016


DSEA membership (2016-2017)
Welcome to the DSEA registration page. To become an official member of DSEA, you must register yourself by clicking here. As a member, you will have access to The DSEA LAN parties and all other DSEA events for free or reduced fee.

TU-affiliation: not required.
TU Sportscard: not required.

Membership fee:

  • €20,- / semester 
    (01/09/2016 – 05/02/2017) (05/02/2017 – 01/08/2017)
  •  €30,- / year
    (01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017)

DSEA Commissions
If you are interested in helping us out and increasing your experience with gaming-related event organisation, graphic design, website/IT various other things, let us know! Please fill in this form by clicking here.