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DFL Season 2 round 10 - Sochi Autodome

DSEA Spring 2019: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament

Super Smash Bros.
Saturday 18th of May 2019 11:00 21:30
Trailer DSEA Spring 2019

We are proud to announce our 7th Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, DSEA Spring 2019, sponsored by OGD ict diensten! The event will take place on the 18th of May. Whether you want to make a name for yourself in the Dutch smash scene or sit down and play some friendlies against people you’ve never met, Spring 2019 is the place to be!

The event will take place in the theatre hall of “X” in Delft, the address is Mekelweg 8, 2628 CD, Delft.

If you’re interested or want to sign up, more info and a sign up form can be found here: https://smash.gg/tournament/dseaspring2019. Once again, venue fee is free for DSEA members!

Singles will be played in round robin pools format, where the top players qualify for the “pro” bracket. The pro bracket will be done in double elimination format, where every match consists of a best of 3 and top 12 is played in a best of 5.

Doubles will be played in a double elimination bracket from the get-go. Most matches will be played best of 3. From top 8 onwards the matches are played in a best of 5.
Amateurs is available for people that did not qualify for the pro bracket and will be free to enter. The same rules hold as for Doubles. Double elimination, BO3 initially, BO5 from top 8 onwards.

Some of the matches will be streamed by Super Smash Delft and there will also be a side-recording setup if you want to rewatch your gameplay!


Here are some highlights from our previous edition: DSEA Winter 2019 (Smash Melee)