Counter Strike: Global Offensive X-Tournament

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
30 Nov 2019 Tournament Counter Strike: Global Offensive X-Tournament 10:00 - 22:00

Brush up your map knowledge and polish your aim. Ready? Join this worldwide popular first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Tournament, organized in co-op with X.

Does a whole day of gaming with your friends on a rainy fall day, sound like gaming heaven to you? On 30 November, from 10:00 - 22:00, DSEA will be hosting the tournament in the Theatre Hall of X. Whether you’re global or silver, everyone is welcome to participate. There will be spots for both teams, groups, and individual players.

Don’t want to play? No problem! Feel free to drop by as a spectator and encourage your friend while he or she plays.



For all X subscription holders, there is no entry fee. For everyone else it’s € 4.-.

The deadline for signing up is 23 November.




What do I need to bring?

Here’s a checklist of all the stuff you might need:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Headset
  • Mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Ethernet cable (5 meter recommended)
    • USB to Ethernet adapter
  • USB hub
  • Power cables
  • Monitor cables

We will order pizza for dinner, however lunch will not be provided.


Where do I need to be?

The X Theatre Hall is located at Mekelweg 8-10, 2628 CD Delft.

Parking is available across the building.


For more information or questions, contact us at