DSEA-Optiver League of Legends Tournament

League of Legends
16 Feb 2020 - 8 Mar 2020 Tournament DSEA-Optiver League of Legends Tournament
DSEA has teamed up with Optiver to bring you the biggest DSEA LoL Tourney yet! Come dual it out on Summoner's Rift to find out if your team will bring back the prize! The enrolments are open from now till February 8th, so don't hesitate to enroll!
 - Entry fee €0
 - Prize Pool €2000

The tournament will start with an online groups phase on the 16th of February, and will conclude in an epic on-site semifinal and finals in the office of Optiver on March 8th. For more information on the schedule, enrolment requirements, and seeding, check the ruleset.