DSEA Formula 1 League (DFL) – Season 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 2020
27 Nov 2020 Tournament DSEA Formula 1 League (DFL) – Season 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix 20:00 - 21:30
You can download the rules by following this link.

The races will be played on the F1 2019/2020 PC game by Codemasters and will be constructed the following way:
• Every race evening will start at exactly 20:00 and consists of a short qualification of 17 minutes followed up by a 50% race (so 50% of the total laps held in real life).
• There will be no official practice session, practicing the circuit and making a car setup will thus be your own responsibility in the week(s) prior to the race.
• After the race and after all appeals made by drivers are considered the official race results will be published on google spreadsheet , the point system will be equal to the system of the real F1 2020 season this includes an extra point for the fastest lap provided you finish in the top 10.
• You will start the race on the tire with which you’ve set the fastest lap during the qualification so be careful with that tire and choose wisely. Note that if you purposely set no time during qualifying you will be disqualified for that race and receive a DNS.
• The cap of the drivers is set to 20 according to the regular F1 2020 season. In the unlikely event that this cap is exceeded, priority will go to DSEA members.

The first 3 races will be held on the F1 2019 game! We will then vote on wheter we shall switch to the F1 2020 version.

F1 2019/2020 settings
• Car Category: F1 2019
• Car Performance: Equal
• Parc Fermé Rules: On
• Collisions: On
• Vehicle Damage: Reduced
• Safety Car: On
• Rules and Flags: On
• Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
• Formation Lap: On
• Race Starts: Manual
• Pit Stop: Manual
• Assists: ALL driving assists are banned, EXCEPT racing line and suggested gear

 Any violations of these rules will result in a DQ even if this is determined to be the case after the race has already been completed.

Race authority
 When an appeal about a certain incident is made by one of the drivers, there will be three stewards that are allowed to reject a penalty given by the game and are allowed to add penalties, the three stewards are:

• Matthijs van Ede
• Rutger Bosmans
• One random driver that was not involved in the incident and does not benefit from the outcome.

Note that Matthijs is racing as well, so if you would like to appeal please do so AFTER the race by contacting either Rutger or Matthijs via WhatsApp or Discord, clearly stating the cars involved and the lap number of the incident and a clip of the incident. We will try to download the races afterwards, however there is no guarantee of success. So please provide a clip of the incident, it will make the process easier. If Matthijs is involved in the incident they will be replaced by another driver that was not involved and does not benefit from the outcome.

Please fulfil all penalties given by the game so also drive-through or stop-and-go penalties, if this penalty was unreasonable the time you’ve lost fulfilling this penalty will be subtracted from your finishing time. Note however that it is highly unlikely that time will be subtracted as the penalty system of the game for heavy penalties is quite accurate. If you despite this still think the game has not given the right penalty please contact the stewards, they will make a decision based on the clip you handed it, this decision will be binding.

Note that the decision the stewards make is binding (even if not in correspondence to this ruleset), they will do their best to make a fair decision for all drivers involved.

Car selection
As you might know F1 is a team sport so please choose your teammate carefully, if you are unable to find a teammate this is no problem at all we will add solo’s together after the 20 spots are filled. You will have the chance to enter your preferred constructor during the sign up. Note that it will be purely aesthetics as the car performance setting will be set to equal. After you have done so make sure to join the DSEA F1 WhatsApp group in order to get to know the other drivers and ask any questions you might have.