LoL Competition 2019

League of Legends
Starts Saturday 9th of March 2019 Sat 9th of Mar 19 20:00 Ends Saturday 18th of May 2019 Sat 18th of May 19 18:00

After the DSEA League of Legends tournament, it is now time for the DSEA League of Legends competition. Do you have what it takes to be the winner of this competitive event? Or are you simply looking to get more competitive experience and have fun? Either way, be sure to join and give it your best shot!

The competition consists of two different brackets: an amateur and a pro bracket. The main differences between brackets is in the entry free and the prizes. For both brackets, the competition starts with a pool phase where every team plays against every other team on a weekly basis. After this, the top teams qualify for the elimination phase ending with the finals day on the 18th of May. On this day, the winners of the 2019 DSEA League of Legends competition will be crowned.

Please consult the ruleset book for more detailed information about the tournament.


The online games will be planned according to the following schedules. For this tournament the play dates and times are binding. Teams enrolling agree to be available on given dates and times.

Play Round Format Date Time
Poules R1 BO3 9/3 20:00
Poules R2 BO3 16/3 20:00
Poules R3 BO3 23/3 20:00
Poules R4 BO3 30/3 20:00
Poules R5 BO3 6/4 20:00
Poules R6 BO3 13/4 20:00
Poules R7 BO3 20/4 20:00
Tiebreakers BO1 27/4 20:00
Memorial day - 04/05 -
Semis BO3 11/05 20:00
Finals BO5 18/05 18:00

Signing up

Sign-up is available for all ranks.
To sign-up for the pro bracket click here or for the casual bracket click here.

Bracket Entry fee per team Discount per DSEA member
Amateur €5 €1
Pro €10 €2



Prize pool for the pro bracket is to be determined. The minimum amount is set to €250.
For each team participating in the pro bracket, €5 will be added to the total prize pool

Place Percent of prize pool
1st 55%
2nd 25%
3rd and 4th 10% each


The first place will receive a non-monetary prize.