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League of Legends

One of the largest growing e-sports in the world, of course has it’s home in Delft! Many enthusiastic players gather every two weeks to try their luck on the rift, with skill levels ranging from Bronze to Challenger!

CS: Global Offensive

Join our passionate community of CS:GO players! Drop by our DSEA LAN to challenge yourself with matchmaking with the added benefit of actually being able to directly communicate with your team.

Super Smash Bros.

In co-operation with the Smash Bros. Delft, we welcome all Smash players to our LAN parties to experience the old-time classic living room game on a whole new level!


Are you as cool headed as Mei during pressure situations? Are your plays as explosive as Junkrats personality? Join DSEA’s first ever overwatch tournament and prove you can take on any challenge!

About us

The first e-sports assocation in The Netherlands
Find e-sports enthusiasts in Delft!

We are the first collegiate e-sports association in The Netherlands! Our mission is to formally introduce e-sports to the Dutch society, underlining its competitive and social aspect. We hope to function as a networking catalyst for people having a common passion for e-sports. We welcome all gamers and hope to give them a place in our community to have fun playing games and meeting new people doing so. Head over to our sign-up page for more info on how to become a member! We would love to hear any (constructive) feedback and responses. For more info, visit our contact-us page!

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DSEA Board of Directors

The board of 2016-2017
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Eric ‘Megachi’ Wong

President & Co-founder
Is mainly active on League of Legends.
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Chun Heung ‘Miauwmiauws’ Wong

Vice-president & Co-founder
Mainly active in CS:GO, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, SSB:Melee and Overwatch.
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Jerry ‘GridOverflow’ An

Mainly active in Overwatch and CS:GO.

Lennart ‘Complex’ Noordsij

Mainly active in League of Legends.