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With the start to a new academic year around the corner, optimism regarding the pandemic is high. We cannot wait to get back to hosting our characteristic weekly LAN parties all year long! Our weekly LANs are held at the fantastic Theatrehall in the sport & culture building "X", where our members can play games and chat with each other.  Be sure to join our Discord to get to know more about our association!  
6 Oct 2022 Weekly LAN Weekly Lan-Party 19:00 - 23:59

Who are we

The goal of DSEA is to formally introduce the world of esports to Dutch society, underlining its competitive and social aspects. To achieve this goal, we want to act as a social network for people to share their passion for games and esports. By organising events such as LAN parties, tournaments, viewing parties, workshops and social events, we hope to promote the esports scene in the Netherlands. Press the join button and find out how you can become a member!

Our board

Tim Polderdijk



Bas van Beelen


General Board Member / Interim Secretary

Dante Wingelaar



Twan Kok


Head Competitive

Riley Slotboom


Community Manager / Vice President

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