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Community Page

Games we play

League of Legends

One of the largest growing e-sports in the world, of course has it’s home in Delft! Many of our members try their luck on the rift, with skill levels ranging from Bronze to Challenger! Drop by during our bi-weekly DSEA LAN to experience a League of Legends game, the DSEA way!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Join our passionate community of CS:GO players! With players ranging from Silver to Global Elite, everyone will be able to participate during our CS:GO matches. Come to our cs_office LANS to experience DSEA CS:GO games.

Super Smash Bros.

In co-operation with the Smash Bros. Delft, we welcome all Smash players to our LAN parties to experience the old-time classic living room game on a whole new level! Join the four player adventure in front of the CRT tv at our LANS.


The newest IP by Blizzard has found its way to Delft. With players all across the SR-board, DSEA will be the perfect place for you to find Overwatch company. DSEA could always use more heroes!


Whether you are a competitive player and try to reach the highest rank or want to win by having the biggest meme deck, DSEA always has someone to play together with. Share your best deck(s), join us in tournaments and enjoy a drink in the tavern. Everyone get in here!

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