General Information

As a student esports association, DSEA Ignite has several competitive teams. These teams represent our association in competitions and tournaments. As DSEA Ignite, we represent Delft in student esports competitions.
Each year our teams compete in the Dutch Student League, and Dutch College Esports series. These are national student competitions. More info can be found on their website.
For Super Smash Bros. Melee, we host a big international tournament. If you are interested in playing your favourite game(s) competitively, or if you are a tournament organizer and want DSEA Ignite teams to join your tournament, feel free to contact us.


We strongly recommend anyone to join a team. Joining a team doesn't have to mean always playing to get better and to win, but can also mean to just play some fun games with friends. The reason we recommend joining a team is that you will get to meet more DSEA Ignite members, and also be able to join our tournaments and competitions to compete against other DSEA Ignite teams and external teams. For example, teams from other esports associations in the Netherlands. These tournaments are definitely some of the highlights of the year! 

If you join one of our teams you will play together with other members of DSEA Ignite. When you are a member of a DSEA Ignite team, you will practice together, take part in coaching sessions and join fun tournaments. The practice is often 1 or 2 times a week. As a student association we aim to play competitive matches in tournaments and competitions, but also to have a good time with your team. We are not professionals, but we try to help out teams as much as we can.

Selection teams
The selection teams are considered the best teams within DSEA Ignite for their respective games. These teams will be expected to not only join the training sessions, but also to train outside of them.

Non-selection teams
Among the non-selection teams we distinguish between casual and competitive teams. Competitive teams are players of similar skill level who actively show efforts towards the improvement of the team. Casual teams do not have such expectations, being regarded as ‘friends teams’.

We will not force anyone to play in a team which they don't like playing in, so if you've been classified in one of the teams you are free to tell us if you think you don't fit in well with the team.

If you have any questions please contact us. You can find our contact details under Contact.