General Information

As a student esports association, DSEA has several competitive teams. These teams represent our association in competitions and tournaments. As DSEA, we represent Delft in student esports competitions.
Each year we host our own esports tournaments and competitions different kind of games, for example, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Super Smash Bros.  
For Super Smash Bros. Melee we host a bracket every LAN evening as well as two big international tournaments in the winter and spring. If you are interested in playing your favourite game(s) competitively, or if you are a tournament organizer and want DSEA teams to join your tournament, feel free to contact us.


We strongly recommend everyone to join a team, joining a team doesn't have to mean always playing to get better and to win but can also be just to play some fun games with friends. The reason we recommend joining a team is that you will get to meet more DSEA members and also be able to join our tournaments and competitions to compete against other DSEA teams and external teams, for example, teams from other esports associations in the Netherlands. These tournaments are definitely one of the highlights of the year! 

If you join one of our teams you will play together with other members of DSEA. When you are a member of a DSEA team, you will practice together, having coaching sessions and join fun tournaments. The practice is often 1 or 2 times a week but you can arrange more or less training sessions together with your team. As a student association we aim to play competitive matches in tournaments and competitions, but also to have a good time with your team. We are not professionals, but we try to help out teams as much as we can.

Competitive teams
These teams are aiming to become the top of DSEA and focussing on competing in all different kind of competitions and tournaments. The main line-up (DSEA Red) will be selected based on try-outs. This means at the start of the academic year, try-outs will be organized and every high skilled member can sign up for it. The participants get to play a few games together and based on that we decide on the best possible combinations for the team. The lower teams will be classified by for example rank, role(s) and preferences.  

Casual teams
These teams are more of your average “friends” teams. The team’s main goal is to have as much fun in each game, winning or losing does not matter as long everyone has enjoyed the game, which is what gaming is all about! 
The ranks will likely differ more in these games since your team preference is the main guideline. 

We will not force anyone to play in a team which they don't like playing in, so if you've been classified in one of the teams you are free to tell us if you think you don't fit in well with the team.

Our Competitions

Flagship games 
The flagship games are our main game line-ups, which are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate for this year.

For these games, at least two big tournaments and/or competitions are hosted by DSEA each year, one during winter and other during spring. The tournaments and competitions are always promoted on our social media or keep an eye on our events calendar

Rising Star games
These are our more popular games within the DSEA community, you can think of Rocket League, Valorant and Overwatch. Often these games have DSEA teams as well. 

As for the tournaments, there will at least one tournament throughout the year so keep an eye on our socials or on our events calendar!

New Horizons games
These are often new titles that have the potential to become one of our competitive games. Or “old” games that have a sudden surge in popularity within DSEA. 

For these games, there are often friendly gaming sessions and small scale tournaments organized to play together during one of our weekly LANs or on our Discord. 

Other games

If you are really passionate about a game that hasn't been listed yet please contact us and we will help you find more players for a team and a competition which you can join. We are always happy to have another community join DSEA!
If you have any questions please contact us. You can find our contact details under Contact.