The Delft Student Esports Association (DSEA for short) was established in 2015 as the first collegiate esports association in the Netherlands. Since that moment in time, DSEA has grown to full-fledged platform.
The goal of DSEA is to formally introduce the world of esports to Dutch society, underlining its competitive and social aspects. To achieve this goal, we want to act as a social network for people to share their passion for games and esports. By organising events such as LAN parties, tournaments, viewing parties, workshops and social events, we hope to promote the esports scene in the Netherlands.
At DSEA, we welcome every gamer. Whether you are looking for challenge and competition or want to find people to play your favourite party games with, we are sure you will find what you are looking for in DSEA. Head over to the sign-up page for more info on how to become a DSEA member. We hope to see you around!

6th Board of DSEA

The yearly board represents our community and vision. We strive to promote competitiveness and social (networking) activities where the board realizes this by organizing (offline) events tournaments, trainings, trips, and more. Our board consists of five people who take the main roles of president, secretary, and treasurer, but in view of our vision we also have the two important roles 'Community Manager' and 'Head of Competitive'.

This year we present our 6th board.

Kimberly de Graaf


Secretary / Vice President

As the secretary and vice president of DSEA Kimberly will maintain the structure of DSEA. She enjoys (J)RPGs and the never ending grinding of Runescape and year 50 of Stardew Valley have prepared her for typing the minutes of all the board meetings. The day must still come when she won't end up last in AMQ.

Alisa van Pel



As the president of DSEA, Alisa will be the face of DSEA and will be responsible for steering the board into the right direction according to their vision. She plays a wide variety of games. From shooters, MOBA's and RPG's on the PC, to casual games on the Switch. However, with a play time of over 1300 hours, CS:GO is definitely her favourite.

Huy Tieu



As treasurer of DSEA 2020-2021, Huy is responsible to keep an eye on money within DSEA. As for games, he plays many different games such as Smash Bros Melee/Ultimate, but also enjoys JRPGs alot. He also watches anime regularly and his favorite tags are idols (and Cute Girls Doing Cute Things). On top of that, he is a Diamond AMQ (Anime Music Quiz) player. If you would like to play AMQ together, hit him up any time!

Wytze Elhorst


Community Manager

As Community Manager Wytze will be bringing the members of DSEA together. As a semi-professional Marvel Strike Force player Wytze will be managing the community as he manages his vast hero collection. Besides getting outclasssed by whales in mobile games Wytze likes to play Mobas, RPG's and cardgames on his PC or Switch. Legend says Wytze has never killed a single person in any shooter without the combination of a shotgun's broken hitbox and extreme luck.

Henwei Zeng


Head Competitive

As Head Competitive for Board 2020/2021, Henwei will be in charge of creating teams for different competitive games and maintain the competitive aspects within DSEA. He primarily plays League of Legends, but plays regularly other games from time to time. (And he is still eagerly waiting for the day when he finally beats Huy in AMQ)



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