As a student eports association, DSEA has several competitive teams. These teams represent our association in competitions and tournaments. As DSEA, we represent Delft in student esports competitions.

In the next college year, we are looking to join (student) e-sports competitions hosted by Esports Game Arena. Our ambition is to field teams for League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone. If you are interested in playing another game competitively, or if you are a tournament organizer and want DSEA teams to join your tournament, feel free to contact us.


General information

If you join one of our teams you will play together with other members of DSEA. When you are a member of a DSEA team, you will practice and play your competition. Practice is often 2 times a week but you can arrange more or less training sessions together with your team. Once a week you will play your match against another team in your competition.
Since we are a student association we join competitions to win matches of course but also to have a lot of fun. We aren't professionals so we will try to help our teams with as much as possible but we can't promise a coach for every team or pay for travel expenses. 


Competition formats

League of Legends:

The League of Legends competition will be for students only. A team must exist of 5 students, of which at least 4 have their studies in Delft. This means that you will be matched with fellow students from Delft, and there is an opportunity to have a student who is not from Delft join your team.
The competition is divided in 2 levels. The first level is the main competition, this is for the main teams of each association and will be played partly online and partly offline. The offline games will be hosted at EGA in Alphen aan den Rijn. The format of this main competition in a 16 team swiss bracket, where every match is played as a best of 3. The offline matches are played on Tuesday evening. The date for the online matches will be arranged between captains. 
For the main competition, there are two important dates to keep in mind if you want to try-out:
15 september 2017: signups close
18 to 27 september 2017: try-outs
The second level of the competition will be played completely online. The skill level of the teams will be somewhat lower, but that doesn't mean it will be less fun! The matches will also be Bo3 with a swiss bracket, just like the main competition. You play a match every week. The play dates are arranged between team captains, which means you can be flexible in what day you choose to play. For the teams that will participate in the online competition we will not organize try-outs, but you will be placed in a team based on your role and if possible your rank. Of course we will not force you to play with anyone you don't want to, the teams we arrange are suggestions and you are free to tell us if you think you will not fit in the team. Furthermore, you are free to suggest us anyone you would like to play with on your team, as the main part of being in a team is having fun together.


The Hearthstone competition will be a 32-man bracket, where you play games weekly. In case there are many more sign-ups, this might change. The matches will be played on Mondays and they will be played individually. More information on the format will follow as soon as it is available. This competition is not restricted to students only, but if you want to play for DSEA you have to be a member.
For Hearthstone teams, EGA will host periodic tournaments but not a standard competition. 
Besides EGA competition and tournaments, we will also be going to Fireside Gathering events across The Netherlands, in collaboration with our sponsor TOPdesk. If you are interested to join, make sure to tell us!

CS:GO and Overwatch:

For CS:GO and Overwatch the format isn't available yet. The competitions will be played online, CS:GO on Friday and Overwatch on Wednesday. Just like Hearthstone these competitions are not only for students, which means you can invite friends from outside Delft to join your team if there are still spots left. Take notice that all members of a DSEA team have to be members of DSEA.


Sign Up forms:

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