As a student esports association, DSEA has several competitive teams. These teams represent our association in competitions and tournaments. As DSEA, we represent Delft in student e-sports competitions.

In the current college year, we are looking to join e-sports tournaments both online and offline. As of now Esports Game Arena hosts a League of Legends tournament, our CS:GO players are participating in kayzr tournaments and we are hoping to find players and teams for other games as well. If you are interested in playing your favourite game(s) competitively, or if you are a tournament organizer and want DSEA teams to join your tournament, feel free to contact us.

General information

If you join one of our teams you will play together with other members of DSEA. When you are a member of a DSEA team, you will practice and play your competition. Practice is often 1 or 2 times a week but you can arrange more or less training sessions together with your team. Once a week you will play your match against another team in your competition.
Since we are a student association we join competitions to win matches of course but also to have a lot of fun. We aren't professionals so we will try to help our teams with as much as possible but we can't promise a coach for every team or pay for travel expenses. 

Competition formats

League of Legends:

The League of Legends competition will be for students only. A team must exist of 5 students, of which at least 4 have their studies in Delft. This means that you will be matched with fellow students from Delft, and there is an opportunity to have a student who is not from Delft join your team.
The competition exists of one big league with teams from all student associations, the matches are played partly online and partly offline. The offline games will be hosted at EGA in Alphen aan den Rijn. The format of this competition is a 16 team swiss bracket, this means that you always play a team which has the same score as you. The matches are best of 3 and played on Tuesday evening.

The team classification will be as follows. Our main teams get selected based on try-outs, this means that everybody who wants to try-out plays a few games with other people that signed up and after that we decide what the best possible combination for each team is. At the moment we have 2 teams that were selected based on try-outs but if we find more players that want to play in one of the main teams we can create another team.
The other teams get classified based on rank, role and preferences. When you sign up you can let us know if you want to play in a team with one or a few of your friends and we will keep that in mind. We will not force anyone to play in a team which they don't like playing in, so if you've been classified in one of the teams you are free to tell us if you think you don't fit in well with the team. 

The first season of EGA just ended, right now we are talking about possible improvements so that the next season will be more awesome than the last one. The new season will probably start at the beginning of February but this is yet to be decided.


Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

For CS:GO there isn't a student competition yet, for this reason our teams participate in online tournaments hosted by Kayzr. If you join a team you will get matches with 4 other DSEA members and since Kayzr's competition is open to everyone the players do not have to be students or come from Delft. The tournaments are double elimination brackets and each time around 32 teams join. Kayzr hosts multiple tournaments a week so you can decide with your team which day is the best for you.
When you first sign up you get matched against teams of your skill but as you win or lose matches your Kayzr rank goes up/down and you will get matches against teams according to your Kayzr rank.
If you join a team you will get matched with players that are roughly the same skill level but there is also the opportunity to let us know if you want to play with one or a few of your friend together. We will not force anyone to play in a team which they don't like playing in so if you've been classified in one of the teams you can always let us know if you don't fit in with the team well and we'll find you a different team.


Hearthstone and Overwatch

For these games we have few players that are interested but not enough to join a serious competition. If you are interested in these games or know a competition which we can join please let us know because we would really like to have players and teams play these games.


Other games

If you are really passionate about a game that hasn't been listed yet please contact us and we will help you find more players for a team and a competition which you can join. We are always happy to have another community join DSEA!

If you have any questions please contact us. You can find our contact details under Contact Us.

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